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Circular Plastics

The challenge

Plastics are useful materials helping us stay healthy, mobile, safe, and warm. They have now become part and parcel of everyday life. However, plastics also have a downside. They often do not break down or break down very badly when they end up in the environment, and they are made from limited fossil resources. To contribute to a sustainable future, we are committed to circular plastics.

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Transition towards Circular Plastics

There are two ways we can make the plastics industry more sustainable. By recycling and by using bio-based raw materials. Both are necessary to make the transition. In the Northern Netherlands, researchers and companies are collaborating to make this happen. Swipe on if you want to find out more about it.

Our Focus

Biopolymers, biocomposites and recycling techniques for difficult-to-recycle plastics are three key areas we focus on. The Northern Netherlands is strong in water technology and agrifood. These are precisely two industries that can make plastics sustainable. On top of that, we already have a magnificent eco-system for green chemistry. Emmen is strong in polymer innovations and chemical recycling, Delfzijl in biomass and Heerenveen in sorting and mechanical recycling.

Knowledge & Practice

We lead at the application level because we like to make innovations applicable on a socially interesting scale. In 2021, we were the first in the Netherlands to start a hybrid research group in Sustainable Polymers, where professors (master in sciences) and lecturers (bachelor/applied sciences) collaborate. Soon, practical research groups (secondary vocational education) will also be added, so that new knowledge can be applied in practice faster


Greenwise Campus collaborates with Chemport Europe to give shape to the Circular Plastics pillar for all of Northern Netherlands.

Circular Plastics

Greenwise Campus is an initiative of NHL Stenden, Drenthe College, University of Groningen, Province of Drenthe and Municipality of Emmen. And is one of the iconic projects of the University of the North.

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