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Talent Development

A heating boiler is becoming more and more of a digital product. Because of this, fewer welders are needed and more IT specialists and programmers are needed. The future auto mechanic has to know everything about electric cars, charging stations and green energy. The technical programmes are transforming from metal working to developing and adapting (circular) plastics.


Just a few examples from real life that show how the transitions also result in changes in the job market. And that in times of an enormous shortage in manpower. How we can address and solve this together is one of the challenges of Greenwise Campus.

Human Capital Agenda

In the so-called ‘Human Capital Agenda’, we work under the umbrella theme of talent development. This concerns what we need to do to help companies and their employees to adequately deal with the transition in their sector. In doing so, we look at what competencies are required, among others. But, that's not all. We also pay special attention to how education correlates to the business community. Not only for large companies, but particularly for SMEs.

Keep yourself educated and never stop learning.
Jan van der SteenOndernemer

Greenwise Campus is an initiative of NHL Stenden, Drenthe College, University of Groningen, Province of Drenthe and Municipality of Emmen. And is one of the iconic projects of the University of the North.

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