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About us

We are Greenwise Campus. The name matches our ambitions and immediately tells you what the campus stands for: making the region smarter and greener. Greenwise Campus is an initiative of NHL Stenden, Drenthe College, University of Groningen, the province of Drenthe and the municipality of Emmen.

Looking for answers together

Companies, knowledge institutes, students, regional authorities and residents come together to look for answers to the challenges of tomorrow. These include making the chemical industry greener, new energy sources for industry, solutions for the shortage of personnel and the application of high-tech materials in manufacturing. This is how, together, we work towards a smart and sustainable future for a vital region. 

The four major transitions

The campus makes an important contribution to the four major transitions: going from a linear to a circular economy, from fossil fuel to sustainable energy, from analogue to digital and from health care to positive health. We do this from the four sectors in our region in which already have a strong foothold and where we are faced with a considerable challenge in the years ahead.  

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is the beating heart in the development of Greenwise Campus. The Innovation Centre aims to be a bustling hub where you can meet, learn, discover and be challenged. Where you can ask questions and where anyone can introduce an idea. Where we make research and innovations accessible for everyone. A place where unexpected meetings result in new partnerships. Where smart and green solutions are conceived for today and tomorrow. 

Impressie innovatiecentrum
Impression of the Innovation Centre

Greenwise Campus is an initiative of NHL Stenden, Drenthe College, University of Groningen, Province of Drenthe and Municipality of Emmen. And is one of the iconic projects of the University of the North.

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